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Alabama's First Gluten Free Bakery and Bistro


We are Alabama's first dedicated gluten free bakery. Locally owned and operated, we reside in Huntsville, Alabama and strive to bring flair, elegance, and decadence to gluten free desserts. Our goal is to eliminate the "flavorless cardboard" view of allergen friendly foods. We challenge you to compare our gluten free desserts to any gluten filled sweets!

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.
– Charles M. Schulz


Mason Dixon Bakery is dedicated to meeting your individual allergen needs. We can accommodate many common allergies (dairy, egg, nut), but be aware that we do process these ingredients, so there is a risk of cross-contamination. Many of our desserts are also Paleo due to the nature of their ingredients - please contact us for any custom orders.

Meet the Owners!

Special thanks to Simply Bloom Photography, LLC for the photographs displayed on this website.

Special thanks to Simply Bloom Photography, LLC for the photographs displayed on this website.

The founder and owner of Mason Dixon Bakery discovered she had Celiac Disease when she was a senior in college. Transitioning to graduate school, she had to learn to cook and bake gluten free due to the limited resources available while in school. Not long after, she met her now husband, who pushed her to develop gluten free foods that would fool any gluten lover (i.e., him!). Flash forward to now and her husband completely approves of gluten free and when faced with the option of a gluten free dessert prepared by his wife and a dessert from a restaurant with gluten, the gluten free dessert wins!

Taylor and Ashley moved to Huntsville in early 2013 when Ashley finished her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Duke University. Ashley was slated to accept a job on the Arsenal when sequestration took hold and left her unemployed for six months. During this time, Taylor and Ashley began pursuing a dream of opening a dedicated gluten free bakery. Their passion for spreading Celiac and gluten intolerance awareness is visible in everything they do.

Beginning in the local farmers markets, they tested whether or not there was a need for allergen friendly foods in Huntsville and discovered how starved the city was for something like Mason Dixon Bakery. The storefront doors opened in August of 2013 and Taylor and Ashley could not be more blessed by the outpouring of love they have received from the community. Their challenge to you is to live free. Live free from foods that cause you harm, live free from the negative stigma. Be free to walk in their doors and choose whatever delight you would like!

Give Mason Dixon Bakery a try - you will not be disappointed!


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